Monday, August 4, 2008

Dave's Keepsake

At the PCC swap meet the other day, I ran across this item. "It's Been a Hell of a Show, Dave!" it exclaims, as a narrow-tied caricature clutches a newspaper and admires the sales charts. The newspaper, as it turns out, is the late L.A. Herald-Examiner and Dave is Dave Griffith. His name is still faintly readable on the press pass. The chart starts in 1931 and runs through 1968. That's 37 years that Dave worked at the Herald-Examiner. The picture is inscribed with dozens of signatures. All in all, a very nice keepsake for Dave as he left for retirement. Which just makes it sad that it ended up on the floor of a swap meet booth. Can't you just picture the stereotypical gruff city editor, cigar in teeth, slapping Dave on the back and growling "helluva show!"? Dave Griffith, I'm guessing that you've gone the way of the Herald-Examiner at this point, but here's to you and your 37 years of service!

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Kate said...

This is so awesome.

I'm gonna send a link to Stu.