Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Radio Shack Doesn't Get It (or doesn't want to)

Okay, brief story. A few weeks ago, I ordered a new computer power supply from Radio Shack online, and had it shipped to the local store. I never got a notification that it was ready for pickup, but saw from UPS tracking that it had been delivered, so I stopped by. The employee found an empty box with my name on it, but no sign of the power supply. After about 20 minutes of searching cabinets, drawers, etc., he found it...on one of the retail shelves, wedged in among the CD-ROMs. Some employee had opened my box and shelved the contents...never mind that the store didn't even carry power supplies! In looking at the empty shipping box, I saw that it had been sent to my attention, c/o the store--nothing to indicate it was a customer order.

So, I thought I'd be helpful, and sent an email to Radio Shack, with details of the situation and a few suggestions about how to improve their processes. No response. After about three weeks, I got an email from them, obviously a form email, not addressing the actual issue, but saying I should talk with the manager of the store. Yes, that's right, it's my responsibility to spend more of my time telling the manager about this process he has no power to change, when I just told you.

To recap, then:
  • Radio Shack has online ordering with delivery to a store, but doesn't notify customers when the order arrives
  • The box doesn't distinguish customer orders from other stock being delivered
  • Employees can open the customer's box and put the order on their shelves for anyone to buy, even if the store doesn't actually carry that item
  • Their customer service waits three weeks to tell you they don't care.
One of the key tenets of Web 2.0 (and good business, in general) is listening to what customers are telling you. It's obvious that Radio Shack doesn't get it. I can order online from hundreds of places that understand how a modern online ordering, delivery, and customer service system should work. Radio Shack is doomed to fail unless they figure that out.

You can see the email exchange here.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bionic Showdown

Just got back from Comic-con in San Diego. There were the usual hordes of costumed fans, movie and TV show previews, and stuff for sale. Tell you about some of that later. First, let's focus on my meet-up with TV's original Bionic Woman, Lindsay Wagner. Okay, I admit it, it wasn't much of a meet-up at all...I got in her autograph line, and she was not exactly the warmest or most personable person in the world. I looked to the left, and there was Katey Sagal in her line, with her arms draped over two fans. To the right, and there was another celeb gladhanding the crowd. And here was Lindsay in front of me, all business, and unenthusiastically leaning over the table for a photo. Still, the whole autograph thing must be weird for anyone to do, so I'll cut her some slack. And I did get a picture, even if she wasn't wearing a red-white-and-blue tracksuit!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Eyes Have It

Just made an excellent eBay score! More big-eyed art by Eve! More on this when the actual prints show up...

Ebert No Longer "At The Movies"

You may have heard that Roger Ebert is leaving "At The Movies," along with Richard Roeper. I never cared that much about Roeper, but Siskel and Ebert (or Gene and Rog, as I like to call them) were like family. They were our local Chicago guys, and I watched them since they started "Sneak Previews" on WTTW in 1977. Gene moved on (that is, died) a few years ago and was replaced by Mr. Roeper (no, not that Mr. Roper). Now, the show Gene and Rog created is being revamped, and Ebert is no longer a part of it. I'm just sorry to see it go, that's all.

Monday, July 21, 2008


If you're like me, there's nothing you enjoy more than thinking about uncooked fish as you're sipping your morning java. For folks like us, then, the Sushi Mug is a piece of ceramic heaven. Which sushi do I want tonight? Hold on, let me check my mug...

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Did I Mention I Have a Peabody Award?

I didn't? Sorry, having this prestigious award given for excellence in broadcasting must have slipped my mind. I forget sometimes, since I keep all of my awards in my bathroom. What's that you say? You don't think it's a real Peabody Award? In fact, you say, it looks like something I might have picked up at a sale at a movie prop warehouse??? How dare you, sir (or madam)! How dare you.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Betty Serves it Up Real Good...

Let's take a moment to salute the '90s awesomeness of Bettie Serveert!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Elves on the Loose!

Picked up this painting at the local thrift store today. As you can see, a dramatic mythological tale is unfolding, as two elves try to rope themselves up a unicorn. The title of the painting is, appropriately enough, "Elves and Unicorn." I know this because there is a label attached to the back with the artist's name, Michelle Pincus, and the title. Apparently this was entered into a competition at the LA County Fair at some point, but no date is listed. And, even thought Michelle's elves look more like gnomes, kudos to her for this excellent piece of work. Now, why exactly gnomish elves would be tormenting a gentle magical unicorn in this way, I'll leave for you to ponder.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Let's Get It Out of the Way...

Why FancyLad???

Why Fishstick Kitties???

Yes, I don't mind placing myself among the very few who actually own the DVD of Cabin Boy...