Sunday, August 17, 2008

Can You Guess Which is the Chagall?

I imagine that Marc Chagall would have an expression much like that of the bride at left if he happened across this knock-off of his work (original at right, in case you can't tell). I, on the other hand, love this painting. See how it compares to the original: the beast, rather than just nuzzling the bride, appears to be giving her a big squeeze. Instead of her serene expression in the original, the bride looks to be saying "oooh!" Wouldn't that be a more natural reaction to being snuggled by an orange animal of indistinct type? The angel, more flying otter than humanoid, has encountered a lower-than-expected cloud ceiling. Finally, the tree at lower left appears to be beaming in from from Christmas.

As great as March Chagall is (his America Windows is one of my favorite things at the Art Institute of Chicago), it makes me smile to have this version by artist J.S. Lee on my wall!

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