Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bionic Showdown

Just got back from Comic-con in San Diego. There were the usual hordes of costumed fans, movie and TV show previews, and stuff for sale. Tell you about some of that later. First, let's focus on my meet-up with TV's original Bionic Woman, Lindsay Wagner. Okay, I admit it, it wasn't much of a meet-up at all...I got in her autograph line, and she was not exactly the warmest or most personable person in the world. I looked to the left, and there was Katey Sagal in her line, with her arms draped over two fans. To the right, and there was another celeb gladhanding the crowd. And here was Lindsay in front of me, all business, and unenthusiastically leaning over the table for a photo. Still, the whole autograph thing must be weird for anyone to do, so I'll cut her some slack. And I did get a picture, even if she wasn't wearing a red-white-and-blue tracksuit!


Kate said...

She was/is really gorgeous. She looks very well-rested. Must be the Sleep Number bed.

Kate said...

Pardon me, Fancy Lad, but when you Guest Blog over on the Siegel Files, I've had a request that you provide good coverage of the MST3K gang. As you may recall, most of those folks hail from The MN, just like many of my creepy new internet girlfriends. :-)

DonnaL said...

I think that Sleep Number bed and her "face yoga" has caused the courtesy portion of her brain to go all comatose!

Or maybe (and I can say this as a lapsed-vegan) she's just grumpy cuz she's cravin' some seared flesh!!!